Born in Lisbon, Guida is a lecturer, researcher, and scientific illustrator. She has worked as a senior scientific illustrator and infographic designer for several organizations, including the German Archaeological Institut, the Portuguese Heritage Institut, and other Archaeology Companies in Portugal. Additionally, she is also Project Manager on Zambujal AudioGuide, an audio storytelling experience of a Copper Age site in Portugal.



Twitter: @guicas

Her images, click each to find out more and get high resolution versions:

Comic of story. Student asks, 'Margaret Mead, what is the earliest sign of civilization'. Mead responds, 'the first sign of civilization is a healed femur. In the animal kingdom if you break a leg, you die. A broken and healed femur means that someone has carried the person to safety and cared for them. It means that someone has helped a fellow human, rather than abandoning them.'
Cartoon og the history of Hospital Real de Todos-os-Santos