Libbe Sambiria Bjerknæs is a passionate artist with a liking for all things strange. Her work covers a wide array of subjects and themes, ranging from historical to fantasy and fanart. Libbie is also an avid photographer with a fondness for animals.

Twitch: LibbeAtEXARC – Twitch

Instagram: Libbe Sambiria Bjerknæs (@libbe.s.b)

YouTube: Libbe Sambiria Bjerknæs – YouTube

Twitter: Libbe Bjerknæs (@libbe_s) / Twitter

Her images, click each to find out more and get high resolution versions:

A Rune stone created by Harald Bluetooth in memory of his parents, King Gorm and Queen Thyra.
Image of the viking goddess Eir next to a rune stone
Image of Agesilaus II in the form of a greek vase painting