Eir was a Norse Goddess, and Valkyrie associated with healing. Handmaid to Odin and Frigga, her name translates to ‘help’ or ‘mercy.’ Eir featured prominently in skaldic poetry and Norse sagas such as the Prose Edda, the Poetic Edda, and Svipdagsma. Healing traditions associated her with a little white flower known as the Eirflower, and copper which the Norse saw as a healing element. Unlike many other Gods who were in constant conflict with the Jotun, or giants, Eir was friend and companion to the giantess Menglöð. She was, like her companion, evoked as a figure of healing and even worshiped in her own right.

Artist: Libbe Sambiria Bjerknæs

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Credit: Libbe Sambiria Bjerknæs and Open Past

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