One of the explorable areas in the downloadable museum

The images which are downloadable from the website have now been interpreted and translated into 3D museum environments which with the help of the Open Past Explorer character anyone is able to explore and enjoy in their own time. The whole process of digitalisation, animation and programming has been performed by the digital archaeologist Luca Ottonello from the University of Glasgow.

Once downloaded the virtual museum game will allow you to walk around various detailed rooms, interact with objects, people and explore the researched history behind each one of the drawings present on the website, so sit down, relax and click away at your heart’s contempt. The museum will be expanded as more images will become available.

The game downloadable below, allows the user to explore an entirely free open museum with various interactive objects and an independent virtual guide to help you every step of the way!

Click here for the Open Past Museum to download and explore the museum illustrated in the images below. This was created using as reference the images produced by 20 talented artists.

Currently, the images and the virtual museum areas are mainly European themed with some exceptions but we hope to cover the whole world in the future.