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Image of a Marten Head
Prince Lu playing a guqin, a seven-string musical instrument
Table with scrolls and herms on it
Hands holding flowers
Image of women kneeling next to a pond and temple
Three people taking different types of medication. Inside the medication are images of scientists.
A chelsea pensioner getting his leg inspected by a doctor
A neanderthal caring for another neanderthal hurt by a goat
Physicians conduction surgery on a person
Hands holding a range of bronse age toys - figures and animals
Cartoon og the history of Hospital Real de Todos-os-Santos
Bapedi Culture & Medicinal plants
Several monks attending to a sick person
Scotland's Potato Famine
Six Chibi characters from different time periods and with different disabilities
A mohter teaching her child
Three people holding up different 'Red Cross' flags
A women caring for a man inside their home
A viking women in labour
A women walking along a trail carrier a jug
A scene of a father and child collectiong beavers from a trap
The inside courtyard of an almshouse
Mutiple different plants used for healing by Romans
A child with a scraped knee.
Images of broken bones and test that says - helping someone else through difficulty is where civilization starts
A scene of teacher teaching two pupils
Four people sitting and playing musical instruments.
An archaeologist holding up an Ojibwe bad and thinking about someone using it
A delftware tile that depicts a romantic scene where a young man hands a flower to the girl he loves.
A women preparing healing herbs at Biskupin
A village scene with people untertaking differenct activities like making baskets, giving food and more
De Hogeweyk – Nursing home
Two women outside the Rotunda hosipital in the 1800s
A person braiding another person's hair
People hunting a mammoth - one has fallen and hurt their leg
A grandfather talking to his grandchild on shetland
Image of shaman, plants with healing properties and masks
The centaur chiron.
A Rune stone created by Harald Bluetooth in memory of his parents, King Gorm and Queen Thyra.
A Minoan fresco with sealife such as fish and dolphins
An archaeologist holding up the toy horse and thinking about someone using it
Mary Seacole
Comic of story. Student asks, 'Margaret Mead, what is the earliest sign of civilization'. Mead responds, 'the first sign of civilization is a healed femur. In the animal kingdom if you break a leg, you die. A broken and healed femur means that someone has carried the person to safety and cared for them. It means that someone has helped a fellow human, rather than abandoning them.'